Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sipadan Island

The world-renowned Sipadan Island is located off the coast of East Malaysia. The isle is right at the center of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, the dwells for a vast species of marine creatures. Rumor has it that the island accommodates more than 3000 species of aquatic life with a staggering number of corals existed under its pristine waters. The position of Sipadan Island makes it perfect for divers alike who are interested in exploring the underwater beauty of it.

There are nine spots to choose from, perfect for diving. Apart from the insubstantial beauty, these sites have appealing names as well, obtained from creative divers who stumble upon the breathtaking sight of the island's undersea experience. Hanging Garden, Barracuda Point, White-tip Avenue, Coral Garden and Turtle Patch are among the names given to describe the scene. Barracuda Point, for example acquired its name from the stories told by divers who came across an enormous school of barracudas cruising in the area.

The sunny climate all year round that Malaysia offered is the perfect reason why the visit to Sipadan is not to be stalled anymore. The humidity of its ambiance proposes an ideal weather for divers alike. Rainy seasons are to be expected during the end of the year but it certainly provides more adventure!

Malaysian government is taking measures to preserve the beauty of its nature, thus only 120 divers are allowed each day. They are 12 resorts in Mabul and Kapalai, therefore each resort will contain 5 pairs of divers. The accommodation is world-class; whereas air-conditioning, water heaters, ceiling fans, panoramic view of the ocean from a private balcony, satellite television, mini bar and fly screens are provided in each bungalow or duplex available in the resort. Electricity is supplied 24-hours utilizing the 3-pin plugs similar to the British.

Divers are transported to these resorts via ferry daily. All transactions will be carried out in Malaysian currency (RM). ATM machine is not available in the resorts, but credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Nonetheless, money changers are available in the airports and Semporna town. Visitors who grew out on the sight of the blue sea can savor the green spectacle and fresh air in Sukau Rainforest Lodge through 4 hour transportation from Semporna. Jump on a river cruise at Kinabatangan River to enjoy observing the primates hanging from the trees.